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Dawn Simulation Alarm Clock - gently woken up by the sun!

Dawn Simulation Alarm Clocks generate a sunrise by slowly brightening the room and thus support the natural awakening-process. Because by the gradual illumination of the room, the serotonin production increases, while the production of melatonin decreases. So you will not suddenly torn from sleep, but brought in a very gentle way from dreamland.

Dawn Simulation Alarm Clocks simulate the sunrise, but they can do much more. Some light alarm clocks use natural noises as the alarm sound, so you are likely to wake up completely relaxed. For the nature affiliates among you, there are even dawn simulation alarm clocks with birds chirping as alarm tone. For example, the Rainbow Clock by Oregon Scientific, but you can also wake up to a song of your choice. Moreover, these rainbow clocks are radio dawn simulation alarm clocks, so it is also possible to wake up to the morning show of your favorite radio station.

The already mentioned imitated natural-sunrise is great, especially during the gloomy times of the year. Since during these months, many people are struggling getting out of bed and have a bad mood in the mornings. But with a light alarm clock, it is much easier for us to get out of our cozy bed. The natural sounds like ocean waves, forest sounds or a soft sea gull cry remind us of the last beach holiday or a nice walk in the woods. So you gently leave the land of dreams rather than abruptly by a loud jingling sound of a conventional alarm clock, rudely ending our dreams.

To reduce stress everyday while sleeping, the Aroma Diffuser by Oregon is just the right thing. This light alarm clock sprays aromatic scents in the air, which ensures absolute relaxation. Those who sleep deeply and, moreover, are hearing impaired, should try the Wake and Shake by Sonic Boom. It vibrates, uses bright flashes and an alarm sound from up to 95 decibel volume. This is not a very gentle, yet a reliable awakening. In addition, you can set the alarm options yourself.