Our watch of the week is the ladies watch Bering 14531-363 in a classical red shade. This type of red can be found in many classics such as lipsticks or shoes. Find out more about our Bering watch and the beautiful color red in this post.

Classical red

Anyone who knows the ‘little black dress’ will certainly be familiar with the red lipstick, a classical addition to a woman handbag. Just like for the ‘little black dress’, Chanel represents for me the epitome of the luxurious lipstick. Of course, lots of manufacturers create beautiful shades of red, but Chanel is and will remain a piece of luxury – especially with that colour! Added to pale complexions and dark hair the lipstick is reminiscent of the beautiful Snow White. There is no denying that red is a classic – this applies not only to make-up, but also to nail polish, clothing or accessories. Red symbolizes strength and self-confidence, femininity and a very specific charisma – and should therefore be used carefully. The famous sole of the Louboutin shoes, for example, also appears in a classical red and has become a real trademark in the fashion industry. The red lipstick, along with the striped shirt and the beret, is a signature of chic and cool French women.

red roses
Classical Red

Our Bering 14531-363

Our watch of the week, a Bering 14531-363, has a red stainless steel Milanaise strap. The case is rose-gold, while the dial is also red. There is no index on the dial, just a rose-gold hour and minute hand. The dial and the quartz movement are protected by a scratch-proof sapphire glass. An alternative similar to the Bering 14531-363 is the Boccia 3314-05 wristwatch.

Boccia 3314-05

Except for a silver-colored case and silver-colored dot markers, the two watches are not that different.  Both have a beautiful red tone! Which one do you prefer?