Our clock of the week is the Karlsson KA5668BK, a clock which simultaneously works as a mirror. It complements all types of living spaces as the combination of a mirror with a clock can barely be beat in functionality as well as stylishness.

A mirror is a reflecting surface – sufficient in smoothness so that the reflecting light keeps, in accordance with the law of reflection, its parallelism in place, thus creating a reflection. The coarseness of the mirror surface has to be smaller than approximately one half of the wavelength of the light. A rougher white surface remits all light as well, however disseminates it arbitrarily in all directions.


Irregardless whether you intend to place it in your sleeping area or in the bathroom. This wall clock will do perfectly for you to look at yourself, apply makeup or generally get ready to go out.

The watch can be used in living and dining halls for the same aspect. In this context, it would however primarily serve the purpose of being an absolute eye-catcher.

The symbolism of the mirror

The mirror is an utterly ambiguous symbol. On the one hand, it represents vanity and sensuality. On the other hand it symbolizes self-awareness, wisdom and truth: it is the origin of the adage still used today „to hold up a mirror to somebody“ or „reflection of the soul“. In ancient cultures, the mirror represented the reflection of a persons soul in which the soul could be caught and confined within. The words for „mirror“ and „life“ were identical in ancient Egypt. Celts were buried with their mirror for the very same reason. In Greek mythology, Dionysos‘ soul is being captured inside a mirror by the titans. The reflection in a mirror is a common comparison in Buddhism as well.

The Karlsson KA5668BK versions

These three version are newly launched products by Karlsson. Our watch of the week Karlsson KA5668BK and the two versions which are respectively copper colored and gold-colored. Indicated below you will be fully able to see how the wall clock works exactly, i.e. that a flower has been placed in front of it.