Our watch of the week is the AMS 5965 from the AMS Design series. The wall clock is decorated with an amazing wooden decor, which can be found not only in this wall clock, but also in many other furnishing elements. In this article you can read more about the AMS 5965 and about the different uses and characteristics of wooden decors.

Wooden decors in many elements

Natural wood look seems noble and timeless. The classic design can be used in many different ways and underlines every style perfectly. Whether in interior design, furniture, parquet, clocks or other decorations. Whether oak, beech or birch – wood decors imitate real wood without compromise. This “other” wood then usually consists of a synthetic resin or surface-treated synthetic resin, which is applied to a carrier material such as chipboard – much like veneer. These decors are not without advantages. For example, they are waterproof and can withstand some other chemical compounds. They can also withstand some mechanical effects, such as scratches or abrasion, and are also resistant to particularly high and low temperatures. However, these advantages must be considered with a critical eye. For example, when using decorations, one must accept that they are a fossil raw material and that they are not biodegradable.

AMS 5965
AMS 5975

Our AMS 5965

Our classic wall clock is round and 35 cm in diameter. It has a wide plastic frame with a different coloured wood decor. The clock face is beige with black Arabic numerals and hands. Not to forget, the clock is also a radio-controlled wall clock. The clock face and wooden decor case are protected by a mineral glass. Many other AMS clocks of the series AMS Design are decorated with wooden decors. For example the AMS 5975 which is built very similar to our clock of the Week, but with a slightly different colouring of the wood decors. Nevertheless definitely an eye-catcher!