Our clock of the week is the Antique HOME 50336 Vintage clock. The clock strikes with a modern industrial design, for its metal case suggests a rough, rusty surface. The dial shows the image of an open balance wheel. Find out more about the balance wheel motive and Antique Home clock of the week.

Special feature of the open balance wheel

Balance wheel is the definition for the swinging balance spiral system, as it is used in many mechanical movements. The oscillation system serves as a regulator for small watches, i.e. especially for wristwatches and pocket watches, but also for alarm clocks, wall clocks, chronometers, etc. The precursor of the balance wheel was the verge escapement. The balance wheel oscillates around its axis with a certain period of oscillations or frequency, which is determined by the two pivots. Together with the escapement, it provides for alternating gradual stopping and releasing of the wheel mechanism, which is propelled by the energy source of the clock. The gradual process is indicated by a pointer connected to the wheel mechanism. The idea of the use of the balance wheel as well as a spiral spring was developed after a suggestion of Jean de Hautefeuille by Christiaan Huygens. In 1675 he received a French patent for it.

Our Antique HOME 50336 in industrial design

Our clock of the week Antique HOME 50336 is a wall clock in antique or vintage look. In other words, the watch fits perfectly into the currently trendy industrial design, which is reminiscent of former factory and industrial buildings. The classic wall clock has a silver metal case that looks like industrial stainless steel. The clock is oblong, vertically arranged, whereby the dial is in the top of the clock. You can see pictures of an open balance wheel with five wheels. The largest set of wheels forms the basis for the black antique hands. The red, Arabic numerals circles the hands. Below the dial, you can read “THE MECHANICAL PART DESIGN EXPERT”. The background of the dial is grey/silver colored. The vintage wall clock is protected by a glass and a thicker metal frame.