Our watch of the week is one of the new products of Björn Hendal watches!

At Timeshop4you.co.uk, we exclusively already have one of the many new watches in our shop – and many more to follow shortly!

The watch of the week – Björn Hendal BHBSBRC 400

This watch has a brown leather wristband with an embossed crocodile structure and a silver stainless steel case. The special feature is a screwed case bottom with the Björn Hendal emblem and an elk. The watch face is dark blue (almost black) with rosé-golden markers. The watch has three chronographs with a small second, a 24-hour display, and a stop mechanism. The clockwork mechanism is a quartz mechanism and additionally, the watch is waterproof up to a depth of around 50 metres. It is delivered in a fancy brown leather box!

bjoern hendal

Björn Hendal Sweden is a very design-oriented, classic, and elegant brand which has an important role for watch lovers. Only few people wear these watches!

The design is inspired by watches from the 1940s which especially prefer a classical shape. The high-quality production of the watches is significant.

Advantages of Plexiglas

The glass of the watch is not made of sapphire or mineral glas, as in the case of many other watches, but instead of acrylic glass or Plexiglas. This provides many advantages: On the one hand, it can be placed in an arched fashion on the watch face. On the other hand, it is coated with anti-reflex and the lower density of Plexiglas includes the significant advantage: light can penetrate the fabric better. Therefore, the glass does not reflect as easily as sapphire glass does.

Another advantage of Plexiglas is the breakage resistance. It is more flexible than other variants of glass for watches, and therefore, it is more resistant to impacts and pressure. If the watch falls down, you do not have to worry about the glass breaking.

You may have noticed before on a watch with Plexiglas, that the watch face has an individual character, due to the specific optical features of Plexiglas. People regarding the watch often describe the appearance as warm and pure.

So, wait patiently for many other models by Björn Hendal!