Our watch of the week is the Casio A1000MPG-9EF. This ladies watch comes from the Casio Vintage series and is a real classic. Casio watches have been very popular for quite some time and are always trendy! In this article you can learn more about the classic watches and about our watch of the week.

The retro Casio watch

Do you remember watches from Casio and other manufacturers that were so popular in the 80s and 90s? If you want to see them on your wrist again, now is your chance. In the 80’s and 90’s, it was on almost every wrist: the Casio watch.

Despite a time of smart watches and others it is amazing that ladies’ watches have been experiencing a revival for some time now. This shows that we not only keep an eye on time, but also want to wear it on the wrist as a piece of jewellery. The wristwatch is an important and chic accessory and especially if it is also retro! Retro is trendy, this can be seen in many areas. At interior design or clothing style, vintage is hot . The same applies to watches, the cult manufacturer Casio offers very special pieces of jewellery for the wrist in its retro range. And those who want to buy all the classics from Casio are likely to spend a lot of money. Not because the watches are particularly expensive – on the contrary – but because there could be quite a few. The choice is simply enormous.


Our Casio A1000MPG-9EF

The Casio A1000MPG-9EF has a rose gold Milanaise bracelet and case. The digital watch impresses with numerous functions. An automatic calendar always shows the correct date, and there is a stop function that lasts up to one hour. In addition, a daily alarm can be used to remind you of recurring events. A backlight appears on the dial at the touch of a button. Our clock of the week is also a quartz clock.