Our watch of the week is the Holzkern Öresund ladies’ wristwatch. In general, Holzkern watches are very special watches due to their sustainability and natural materials. In this post you will learn more about the materials leadwood and lapis lazuli and of course about our wooden wristwatch of the week.

Natural material leadwood

Leadwood, also ancestral tree or Combretum imberbe, is a characteristic and often impressive bush willow species of the southern Afrotropes. The medium to large tree has a sparse, semi-deciduous canopy of gray-green leaves. The branches and leaves are hairless, as the name imberbe suggests. The wood is dense and very hard, difficult to plane, but drills, grinds, and turns well. It is termite resistant. It was formerly used for railway sleepers and is now valued as wood for ornaments and furniture.
Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli – blue like the sea

Lapis lazuli, also known as lazurite stone or lapis for short, is a naturally occurring, deep blue metamorphic rock that consists of different proportions of the minerals lazurite, pyrite or calcite depending on where it was found. The word lapis comes from the Latin language and means “stone”. Today, the natural lapis lazuli pigment, which is still very expensive due to the complex extraction process, is valued primarily by restorers in Europe. In East Asia (especially Japan, China) and Arabia, the high esteem of natural ultramarine as a “heavenly” and thus at the same time stately blue is unbroken.

Our Holzkern Öresund

Our watch of the week Holzkern Öresund has a link bracelet made of silver-colored stainless steel and black-brown leadwood. The case is also made of stainless steel with a black and brown leadwood bezel. The dial of the chronograph is divided into two parts and surrounded by a silver-colored frame. There are Roman numerals for the minutes and seconds. The upper part of the dial is made of black and brown leadwood and a chronograph that stops the minutes. The lower part of the dial is made of blue lapis lazuli and a chronograph that stops the seconds. The hands are silver and you can read the date. In addition, this is a quartz watch.