Our clock of the week is the Karlsson KA5839SB. This model, from the Dutch renowned clock brand Karlsson, impresses for its modern and timeless design, with its gradual stair-like construction. Discover with us what makes this model so special.

The trend brand Karlsson

Some shops recognized the value of this popular brand. At Timeshop4you.co.uk you will find a vast selection of Karlsson wall clocks, as well as table clocks and longcase clocks. At the present time, we offer you a selection for 166 models, in our shop, which we ship rapidly and effortlessly. Karlsson clocks are a Dutch brand which has grown more and more popular in the world, growing under the wing of the brand Present Time. The Karlsson wall clocks offer a good quality as well as compelling aesthetics and innovative designs. This represents a result of their creative team from pairing up with both national and international designers.


The modern wall clocks often enthuse with their geometrical shapes. Our clock of the week is built in a stair-like structure, going clockwise. It appears to have 12 stocks, each one corresponding to a different step. According to the definition, a staircase is a construction, going up or down, allowing the connection between two points at different heights. A staircase consists of at least three consecutive levels.

Our Karlsson KA5839SB

The Karlsson KA5839SB shows exactly that kind of structure, indicating the level of creativity this brand has to offer for each model, distinguishing itself from the competitors. The Karlsson clock has a 40 cm diameter and sand brown plastic case with silver hands, without indexes. Discover many more Karlsson wall clocks in our shop today.