Our clock of the week is the holz4home H4H288 sauna wall clock. This is a new wall clock brand in our shop. In this article, you can find out more about the holz4home brand, which comes from our region, and of course about our clock of the week.

The brand holz4home

The brand has been operating on the furniture market for many years and during this time it has managed to prove itself in the best way. Wood has been a trend as material since 2011. The company’s specialists research the unique properties of wood and use them to design new collections. Oak wood furniture, for example, carries the energy of resilience and love of life. Wood is a natural climate protector, and furniture made of wood ensures optimal humidity in a room. Wooden furniture makes interiors look sophisticated and unique, emphasizing the personality of the owner. Wooden products provide good performance, durability, long service life and aesthetic presence. It suits and completes both modern and classic furnishing styles.

They only use high quality, non-toxic adhesives. That is a warranty for a safe use. The wood is treated: heat dried, painted with eco-friendly Spanish Barpimo paints and varnished with water-based varnish from the same company.

This makes the products safe and of high quality. In our shop you will find some great, modern wall clocks from holz4home, feel free to stop by!

Our holz4home H4H288

Our clock of the week holz4home H4H288 is a sauna clock, which means that it can withstand extremely hot rooms. A sauna is heated with a heater to a temperature between 80 C and 100 C, with dry air the temperature can be up to 130 C. That is why it is important to pay attention to quality, especially when it comes to sauna clocks. The clock is made of simple light beige oak wood and arranged from horizontal wooden struts. The hands are black, the second hand is red and there are no indices.