Our clock of the week is the Atlanta 1199, an Atlanta children’s alarm clock with a football motif. In this article, you will learn more about our clock of the week, why sports and exercise are important for your child in these times and why the colourful children’s clock is a welcome change and motivation.

Making use of sports facilities for children at home

The prospect of replacing school, day care and playmates for an indefinite period of time within one’s own four walls and managing it alongside the home office was a real challenge for most people. In the meantime, the daily routine is slowly settling in and something like everyday life is emerging. Children and adolescents need enough exercise – for their own well-being, for growing up healthy and not least for a strengthened immune system to defend against potential infections. An enormous help in this situation are the digital physical activity offers for the home, which are currently going online at a rapid pace and offer high-quality offers for kindergarten and school children. For teenagers, too, there are already a number of sports programmes to compensate for learning phases and a lot of sitting with exercise, and to counteract ‘cabin fever’.

Our Atlanta 1199

To bring sports and, for example, football into your child’s home, we present the Atlanta alarm clock with football motif. The Atlanta 1199 is a great alternative to a conventional, boring alarm clock! The round, black and white housing, which looks like a football, and the colourful, Arabic numerals immediately provide much more motivation at home! A special highlight: the alarm clock plays the Olé, Olé, We are the Champions melody to wake you up. The melody can also be changed to a normal beep tone.