Our wall clock of the week is the Hermle 61023-002200. These and other similar Hermle clocks are characterised by the special form of their case.  Find out more about this Hermle clock and its special features in this article.

The special form of the case

The shape of the case is very unique and reminds of many different things. For example, of a jellyfish, as well as of a turning spiral, or of wind chimes, turning with the wind. The spherical spiral amazes with a fascinating, optical illusion. It can be placed in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. These spirals are often made of rustproof stainless steel, which means that they have a long life. The combination between the spherical spiral and a glass sphere is an invitation to dream when the light breaks in it. Set stylish accents with a timelessly modern spiral. The turning movements in the wind induce every viewer to linger and dream. They are perfect as impressive garden decorations, or as nice present ideas.

The Hermle 61023-002200

Our clock of the week is the Hermle 61023-002200, a modern wall clock.  It is characterized by a peculiar clock case, which consists of a very fine MDF board. This is white on the front, but black inside. Thus resulting into a special effect, which strengthens the illusion of the case spiraling through an optical movement. The dial is somewhat smaller and round; with black hands and no index. The wall clock is also a pendulum clock, because it has a pendulum that swings under the “spiral”. In addition to this model, we have other modern and finely made Hermle clocks.  For example, you will find the same clock but in red, the Hermle 61023-362200. There are also angular and round shapes, made of the thinly cut MDF fibreboard. In this way, all shapes and colors tastes are met. Have a look at our shop!