When customers look for longcase clocks, there are often questions that need to be answered before the purchase. This is due to the fact that longcase clocks are a very special kind of clock. Because of their size, longcase clocks need an extraordinary location in the living space. Consequently, they have to match the already existing furniture regarding the type and colour of the wood.

Furthermore, the acquisition costs of a longcase clock are a quite an investment most people need to save money for, as this is a unique piece of furniture. The prices of our longcase clocks range from 600 € to 8.000 €. Most longcase clocks, however, are sold for prices between 2.000 € and 5.000 €. Within this price range, customers can purchase high-quality clocks by renowned brands such as Kieninger, Hermle or AMS. Those clocks are also equipped with a high-quality mechanical clockwork.

The clockworks used are either equipped with the Westminster Quarters or even a striking mechanism that provides the clock with three melodies. Those three melodies are the classic Westminster Quarters, the Whittington or the St. Michael strike. The clock enthusiast can preset a melody and change it to another one whenever he wants to.

Almost all longcase clocks can be silenced completely or be shut down overnight. This means that the clock can only be heard at daytime, because it automatically shuts down at 10 pm, and switches back on at 7:15 am. However, the clock can also strike 24 hours a day..

Buying Longcase Clocks from a Specialist Dealer

It has become difficult to look at and compare different longcase clocks at specialist dealers. This is because dealers need too much space while the investment in longcase clocks is high. It only pays off when the turnover reaches a certain amount. In addition, all clocks are sold in various wood colours today.

When a customer has chosen a model, he naturally wants to buy it in a type of wood that matches his other furniture. In the past, most clocks used to be made from rustic oak, which was a reliable type of wood. Nowadays, longcase clocks are sold in numerous colours and types of wood. Consequently, it has become harder to judge the customers’ taste. Most clocks are made of walnut, cherry, oak varnished in black, light oak and rustic oak.

If you buy a longcase clock at Uhren4you.de, we offer you an assembly service, which includes the delivery, the assembly and an explanation of how the clock works.

In addition, the longcase clock does not have to be paid before it has been delivered. Some clocks are produced on request and will be delivered approx. 4 weeks after the order. Obviously, this is no mass product, but a luxury article, which has special requirements.

With the brand „Meisterstück Standuhren“, we even provide you with all solid longcase clocks. These models are manufactured by our master carpenter and equipped with a high-quality clockwork by Kieninger. The price-performance ratio of those clocks is amazing, because in terms of quality both their housing and clockwork are absolutely equal to top-brands – and they impress with their fair price.

We offer you advice if you are searching for a longcase clock. Take a look at the clocks at Uhren4you.de and feel free to contact us. We will certainly find a solution for you.