On June 17, 2017 the big football tournament starts in Russia! Read all the important information about the tournament here and get ready for this summer’s football season with our suitable football wall clocks!

The Warm-Up for the World Cup in Russia

The Confederations Cup is an intercontinental tournament for national football teams. In 1992 and 1995 it was called the King Fahd Prize, and since 1997 the FIFA is awarding the cup. Up to 2005 the tournament took place every two years and now every four years. The current champions of the six continental associations, the reigning world champion and the respective host team are eligible to participate.

Since the FIFA Confederations Cup 2001 and the world championship 2002 took place in Japan and South Korea the former now serves as a general rehearsal for the country that will host the next world cup.

Football Clocks at Timeshop4you.co.uk

We’d like to present two clocks from the brand van Gosen, which deliver the football motif, while being subtle at the same time. The van Gosen 269 comes with a German flag on the clock face and therefore demonstrates the affiliation to the German national team. The four Arabic numerals and the hands on the round dial are white. The other clock is the van Gosen 156 which comes with a green grass motif on the clock face and pitch markings, just like on a real football field. The numbers are white and Arabic and the clock hands come in black. Thanks to the discreet dial, this clock can be easily combined with your furnishings.

Another brand that offers football themed clocks is Atlanta. Here you can also find different variations as well alarm clocks. The Atlanta 4482 for example is a wall clock with a stadium and football motif, where every ball next to the Arabic white numbers also represents a point index. The LED flash effects are the clock’s highlights and will deliver a real stadium atmosphere together with fan chants every full hour.

Another example is the Atlanta alarm clock 1181. It comes in the form of a football and with matching football shoes underneath. The clock face shows a green football pitch with black Arabic numbers. You can choose between „Olé, olé“ and “We are the champions” for your alarm signal. A real eye catcher!

Browse our different wall clocks right now and find the one for you! Perhaps this is not only an enrichment for your living spaces, but also a “running gag” among your friends when you enjoy an evening watching football together. Have fun!