A gifted wristwatch has a symbolic nature. Depending on the brand, material and quality, the watch can differ in cost and ideally lasts a lifetime. That’s why you should not only give thought to what kind of perfect wristwatch you want to gift, but also to the person, who shall receive it.

The Occasion

There are many occasions, for example Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or graduation, for which a watch is an ideal present. It’s not only a fashionable accessory and chronometer, but also a collector’s item for a watch aficionado.

Different wristwatches can usually be categorised. There are self-winding watches, chronographs, fitness trackers, Swiss watches and many more. There’s a perfect watch for every occasion.

Fashion Taste

There are many watches to choose from on the Internet. That’s why you should definitely think about the person’s fashion taste, if you want to gift a watch. Does he or she like to wear gold, or silver? Do they like simple, elegant, classic or extravagant watches with a lot of functions? Even though it can be challenging sometimes to figure this out, you should usually be able to find a general style to go for. If everything else fails, you can also speak about it directly. It is no problem, if the person does not like the watch. On Timeshop4you.co.uk we have a 100 days right to return. You can either return the watch or exchange it for another one, that the person might like more.

Perfect Wristwatches for Collectors

If you want to gift a perfect wristwatch to a collector, you should make an even better informed decision. Knowledge can be gained by reading specialist journals and books, watch blogs and especially by talking to professionals and qualified retailers. You can also call us (0541/8004967) and we will be happy to advise you. Another option is to visit our shop in Osnabrück.

Wrist Watches

We will deliver the wristwatches in their original packaging with a warranty certificate. This guarantees the watch’s origin and protects buyers from possible mistakes regarding the function, or mechanical defects. We will also extend the warranty to 3 years voluntarily for many wristwatches.

If any problem regarding the clockwork, striking mechanism or mechanics should occur during this time, we will provide the warranty.

Quality must not be expensive

On Timeshop4you.co.uk, you will not only be able to get top quality watches, but also with a lowest-price-guarantee. That’s why you will always get the lowest price. If you should see the same product for a better price on another merchant’s website within 30 days, we will credit the difference.


Gift Vouchers

If you cannot decide on one watch, you also have the possibility of giving a gift voucher. The presentee can now choose one of the watches on Timeshop4you.co.uk, or in our Osnabrück shop. The voucher does not lose its validity.