The cuckoo clock is probably the most traditional wall clock ever. For some it is a piece of home and for the others a popular souvenir. It is a collector’s item and a timepiece, since the 17th century. The lovingly designed models stand for the highest quality and Black Forest clockmaking. Therefore, it is not surprising that they can still be found in their traditional design in many living rooms. But even modern cuckoo clocks inspire with their fresh nature. Here is what you should pay attention to when buying a cuckoo clock. You will also learn in the following why these clocks are so special.

When the cuckoo calls!

The key to the success of cuckoo clocks is the traditional cuckoo call, which appears at full and half an hour. To announce the time, the cuckoo comes out of hiding. Not the only technical sophistication that has made mechanical clocks world-famous. There are often other moving figures that make the model a very individual piece.

Above all, the precise movements, usually pendulums or percussion, justify the popularity of classic wall clocks. Crafted in the Black Forest, the highest degree of clockmaking lies behind them. And also dedication and care are required with the clock case. Master craftsmanship creates such impressive forms and figures. The design is often a cute little house with a pitched roof and the motifs show scenes from the Black Forest.

Tips for buying a cuckoo clock


The design of a cuckoo clock can already provide information about the quality and value of the clock. The more filigree and individual the carvings, the more potential it has for a real collector’s item. Clean workmanship is an absolute must! A sign of a good piece can also be the choice of material. With a cuckoo clock made of precious wood, you can do little wrong. As an example, we have picked out a Schneider clock, which best embody the cuckoo clocks in our shop.

Nevertheless, today there are also modern cuckoo clocks that convince with clean lines, colorful colors and less elaborate carvings. Often, these models are much cheaper and they come without mechanical works. They are certainly a great eye-catcher in the apartment, but they still somehow lack the charm and especially the longevity that make up traditional cuckoo clocks. As an example, we have picked out an AMS clock that reflects the modernity of the cuckoo clock well.