The motto for the wall clocks trend 2020 is: green, green, green! 2020 is the year of plants, which we elect as our flatmates. Forget the artificial flowers and switch to the real ones! Not only do they provide for fresh air, but they also bring joy to your home. It does not matter if you have a houseplant or herbs in a pot – they constitute a small oasis of wholesomeness. A wall in mint green also does the trick, especially if enriched by wooden furniture or warm golden and copper accents. The light wall colours make the atmosphere friendly and spring-like. In our shop you can find a vast selection of both classical and modern wall clocks, perfect for this trend.

Retro classics

The most beloved furniture elements of the urban retro trend are, for example, bean tables, armchairs, low sideboards, or organically formed chairs made of artificial material. In addition to that, you can find classical designs as well as design pieces in a renewed retro look of this trend. You can find these design elements in urban retro look among many interior design collections of manufacturers and furniture shops. If you intend to purchase a couch, you will notice less squared furniture pieces, but rather round or oval shaped elements, especially when it comes to couches and armchairs. The perks of round shapes is their adaptability to every kind of design, be it a modern or a retro one.

Wall clocks trend
Wall clocks trend

Everything in green

Matcha green, avocado green, palm green… Have you noticed? Right, green is an inevitable element in every area of life of most trendsetters. Green highlights your home, be it in your living room, your bedroom, or your kitchen! You can find the perfect wall clocks for this trend in our shop, too! For example, the Roger Lascelles TIN/HERBES as vintage wall clock, with balanced green tones. Alternatively, the Karlsson clocks or the AMS 5942, a green radio-piloted wall clock, work just as fine.