We are quite familiar with the concepts of industrial and clocks. But what are the industrial clocks, that you can also find in our shop? Industrial clocks have been known for years in the education, traffic, healthcare, finance and industry fields for their high-quality standards and their precision. We will try to explain how an industrial clock is made, what it is for and we will also show you some examples from our collection.

What is it for?

An industrial clock is usually used for those places where many people are. They must be clearly and easily readable for everybody, even from a big distance. Therefore, they are perfect for many internal spaces like offices, workshops, gyms, schools, agencies, halls and conference rooms. But also in outdoor places like parking lots, company premises, train stations or lidos.

Industrial clocks are wall clocks that can be used for indoor or outdoor places. They correspond to the typical industrial standards, being extremely robust. They are mostly made of weather resistant material like aluminium or stainless steel, in a lightweight construction. They usually have a big diameter so that can be easily read, especially from a distance. They can be read from one side or even from both sides. You can find them luminous, when the lighting is poor, or not luminous. The dials are white with a black, easy to read index, like baton markers or Arabic numerals. There can be also, although not necessarily, a second’s hand, which is usually red. An industrial clock can feature radio-controlled mechanism, but it is not a must.

train station
train station

GER-Technik industrial clocks

The leading German brand in our shop is GER-Technik, with its top-class clocks. All of them fulfil the requirements of an industrial clock. They are made of a high-quality material and can be easily read, given their white dials and black indexes. The GER-Technik wall clocks come in many different and big sizes. Don’t hesitate to ask for the preferred size!