The number of people who buy online grows more and more, like the online market. Alone in 2017 the growth of this type of market reached the 12% compared to the previous years. And the growth is simultaneously quite diverse inside the single branches of the market. Although retailers had eye mainly for books, shoes and clothes at the beginning, the interest in the furniture and food market has grown considerably. In fact, these two branches are trying to catch up with the others and, therefore, growing very fast.

Buying wall clocks for living rooms online

There are many reasons why one should shop online, like the comfort itself of buying stuff with just one click. Buying wall clocks for the living room, table clocks or longcase clocks has become the norm for many clients. Traditional retailers don’t offer these types of clocks anymore, due to lack of space where they can expose them. Having space for expositions is an important aspect for every kind of shopkeeper, which better applies to watches. An online shop is the best solution, given that furniture shops do not dispose of enough space, or any at all, for their products.


Keen wall clocks specialists like, who sell online and offline, are nowadays just few. Specialists of wall clocks for the living room have the advantage of offering a wide range of products. Clients can have an overview of all the latest models and brands and, therefore, choose the clock of their dreams according to their own criteria. No compromises at all! The online shop filters help them choosing among size, price, colour, and so on. In addition, each clock is provided with a description and with the possibility to receive expert advice, both by phone and online.

We also offer suggestions for each clock on how to furnish the rooms of your house. The categories of kitchen clocks, office clocks, living room clocks are just but few examples. Our online clients are entitled to the right of revocation in case they don’t like the clock they bought, making an online shop a better option to a traditional one. A revocation of that kind is usually not possible in traditional shops but is at complete discretion of the retailers.

Regulator clocks and longcase clocks

Living room

Longcase clocks are very impressive and particularly elegant. They usually have something classical. This Kieninger proves that a longcase clock can also be modern and elegant.

Kids clocks


Kids clocks are normally colourful and have cute motifs. The Lowell here presented has big Arabic numbers, making it easy to read. A sweet bird makes the clock quite peculiar.

Pendulum clocks

Living room

Pendulum clocks entail a certain Classicism. The choice of a client, when buying a pendulum clock, is often driven by the peculiar looks of it. Our Hermle pendulum clock covered in elegant gold is no exception!

Outdoor clocks


As the name has it, outdoor clocks are perfect for the outside. Being covered in a waterproof layer, they don’t allow humidity to penetrate and ruin the mechanism, just like this Atlanta.

Train station clocks


Train station clocks possess a simple and sober appeal, with their simple lines, usually baton markers, that makes them very easy to read. The final effect is often rendered by the classical red second hand, like in the case of the Mondaine clock.

Kitchen clocks


Kitchen clocks, like this Roger Lascelles, have a smooth surface, easy to wash. They mostly have dials with motifs that adapt perfectly to a kitchen and tend to whet the appetite.

Office clocks

Living room

Office clocks have simple lines and readable markers as well as Arabic numbers. Our Blomus clock refuse any kind of embellishment, allowing a simple read during the chaotic office hours.

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