Summertime is garden time! When it comes to re-conquering the green living space, it’s not only the beautiful weather that puts you in a good mood; setting up a beautiful summer spots in the sun is also a lot of fun! For a long time now, it has not been enough for many people to just get the garden furniture out of hiding; the topic of decoration has finally arrived in the garden as well. In this article you will learn everything about the garden as a place of well-being and the perfect outdoor decoration.

Our clock selection for you

Whether garden, terrace or balcony; decorations for the outdoor area are simply fun. Garden clocks, for example, always reliably show the time outside and withstand rain, snow, wind and strong sunlight. In addition, many garden clocks offer special functions such as the display of humidity and air pressure. This allows you to estimate when you should next water your plants or when it is not worth it. One garden clock is the AMS 9620, which not only looks good in its natural stone look, but can also display the temperature and humidity.

Outdoor clocks are also, as the name suggests, intended for outdoor use. To prevent moisture from penetrating and destroying the movement, outdoor clocks are equipped with special seals. Our Atlanta 4445 convinces with its dark brown case, the gold-coloured Roman numerals and the squiggles in an antique look

Garden decoration
Garden decoration
Garden decoration

Sundials are also a real eye-catcher in your garden. The sundial is an astronomical device that can be used to indicate the time of day by means of sunlight and the current position of the sun. Until the 19th century, people simply spoke of clocks when they meant sundials. A sundial shows the time exactly. The shadow or the direction of the shadow of a body or rod indicates the time on the dial. An example is the Sunshine Garden stainless steel sundial.

Our garden decoration for you

In addition to the clocks, other garden decorations should not be forgotten. On our decoration page you will also find garden fountains, such as the Kaemingk 894301. But also the outdoor lounge chair by Blomus 62003 creates a cosy atmosphere.