People spend most of their day in the kitchen. Besides the living room it is one of the main living spaces. Despite the large facilities and electrical appliances, a kitchen always remains cozy and homely. Whether for cooking, eating, relaxing, lingering, working or even meeting friends. Many things are done in the kitchen. Therefore, a kitchen clock is particularly important to always keep an eye on the time. Have a look at the different kitchen clocks from our shop now.

The kitchen as a living space

The kitchen is a space within an apartment, a gastronomic establishment or a community catering facility, which is used mainly for preparing and partly for storing food. During its history of development, the kitchen has always been a determining element of the development of housing forms, irrespective of its pure function as a place for the preparation of food.

The kitchen clocks at

In our shop, you will find a variety of kitchen clocks in various designs and materials. In most cases, they are not just plain, but have patterns and colours that are appropriate for the kitchen. Some of the most popular manufacturers of kitchen clocks are, for example, Terrastudio, Roger Lascelles, van Gosen or Bellezza.

This kitchen clock was designed by the brand Roger Lascelles and is called TIN/FRUITS. It is made of beige-yellow metal and has a plate shape with a diameter of 34.5 cm. The dial has black Arabic numerals and ornate black hands. Various fruit varieties, such as apples, pears, and others can be found on the “edge of the plate”. The dial also has a special vintage look, because it shows old transcripts, which could be recipes, for example.

This kitchen clock vG365 by the manufacturer van Gosen is a more modern kitchen clock. It consists of a 70 cm x 35 cm shiny aluminum plate. The colours of the pattern are particularly striking here. Pictured underneath the dial with white Arabic numerals is a bowl of red and yellow tomatoes on a tablecloth. This is a modern alternative with a sharp photograph.

The last presented kitchen clock is the Terrastudio 6104 artist clock. Each clock is handmade and hand painted, and is therefore unique. The material is a high-quality stoneware casing, which is processed to form a basket. Afterwards it is painted with rich colours, which eventually depict the flowers, the baguette, the tomatoes, and the wine in the basket. This kitchen clock is a slightly more classic version and has a lot of charm, because it is handmade.