Easter is around the corner and the anticipation for coloured eggs, blossoming flowers and fluffy bunny is so strong, that it must be celebrated! Children are so happy to see the Easter bunny, that their eyes become big with joy! Coloured Easter nests with coloured eggs, sweets and small presents are very familiar. If you don’t want to make them the usual present, we can present you our idea for Easter 2019: the time teacher alarm clock by Jacques Farel! The Easter bunny himself couldn’t have made a better choice!

Jacques Farel time teacher alarm clock

The time teacher alarm clock by Jacques Farel has been especially developed for children. Reading, but mostly, learning the time is in this case very easy. It is possible to read the time with the aid of 3 different colours.


Blue for the hours: therefore, the hour hand and the numerals are blue.

Green for the minutes: the minute hand and the outer rim of the dial are green.

Yellow for the seconds: the second hand and some numerals on the outer rim are yellow.

Red for the alarm setting: the hand indicating the alarm is red as well.

As mentioned above, the kids’ alarm clock has a dial with big blue encircled Arabic numerals (1 – 12). In addition, there is a smaller inner dial with blue Arabic numerals for the indication of time after noon (13 – 24). That’s why there is also an indication in 12 and 24 hours. On the outer rim you can find a green circle with minutes and seconds, from 00 to 59 minutes/seconds.

This alarm clock is also silent, thanks to the smooth second hand. Its structure is so stable, that it cannot fall or tip over. It is round and has no sharp edges. Setting buttons are so easy to handle that you can set the alarm clock very easily as well.

Versions of the Jacques Farel alarm clock

This time teacher alarm clock is also available in other colours. Choose the perfect version for your Easter gift from our best models, so that you can make your children happy with the time teacher alarm clock, Jacques Farel!