At this time, the garden becomes more and more important. The sun is shining and flowers are blooming. We want to spend as much time outside as possible to breathe in the fresh air. Thus, outside clocks become increasingly important for our gardens as well. Have a look at our large assortment of sundials and outside clocks now.

The garden, our favourite place

A garden is a defined area for plants or animals. Contrary to parks, they are often used for private purposes only. Gardens are set up not only to harvest crop but also serve as places for artistic, spiritual and therapeutic purposes, or as places for leisure activities and relaxation such as flower gardens or allotments.

Beside the very popular form of a mixed garden which combines different aspects in one, there is usually a differentiation made in Europe depending on a garden’s primary use. For instance, there are house and kitchen gardens, orchards and herb gardens, allotment or botanical gardens.

A garden is naturally characterized not only by greenery and flowers but by proper decoration as well. There are various types of sitting corners or dining areas, and of sundials and outside clocks to accessorize your garden. In the garden, it is not only useful to keep an eye on the time but also to check the temperature. A sundial is not capable of this; however, it is a very special eye catcher!

Outside clocks available at

The outside clock AMS 5961 comes with a rotatable metal body, i.e. it is automatically equipped with two clock faces. The mount is attached to the house wall and can easily be read off from both sides. There is an analogue watch with black, Arabic numerals on the one side. On the other side, it is equipped with a thermometer to read off the temperature.


The sundial Sunshine Garden Millennium Globe is a self-supporting sundial made of stainless steel. The sundial measures 40 cm in height and comes with a leg that it stands on. The clock face is curved and has lasered, stainless-steel Roman numerals on it.

ams 5961 outside clocks