This article is about the correct installation of pendulum clocks. Some customers have problems finding the pendulum in the box, or notice that it is scratched or have difficulty attaching the pendulum to the clock. To make the installation easier for you, we have put together a few tips here.

1. When your receive your box

AMS clocks always come in the original box. Some customers often think that the AMS clock don’t come in their original box. However, AMS always delivers in a plain, brown box with a small sticker with the item number. We can therefore assure you that our AMS clocks will also reach you in their original packaging. It is very likely that we open the box beforehand. because we want to make sure that everything is in order with the clock.

AMS package

The AMS 7246 pendulum clock is one example It consists of a curved and partially satined glass and a silver-colored pendulum. The pendulum of the modern wall clock is conveniently attached through an opening on the front side, beating every second.

2. Carefully open your box and remove the foam and expanded polystyrene

Some customers contact us and state that they have not received a pendulum for the wall clock. A closer look into the box shows that the pendulum is usually hidden inside. Often it sticks to the side of the inside wall or flap of the box, or it’s well hidden in the middle of foam and styrofoam. It is therefore worth taking another look into the box and you will surely find your pendulum. Otherwise you can contact us from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at (+49) 541 80049688.

AMS package

3. Remove the protective film from your pendulum

Generally, there are no scratches on your pendulum. What at first glance looks like a scratch or dirt on the pendulum is in most cases just a protective film that is still stuck to the pendulum. Therefore, please first remove all protective paper, adhesive strips and foils from the clock and pendulum.


4. Hang the pendulum clock

The clock should be set up or hung up securely and vertically (check with a water level).

5. Hang the pendulum and, if available, weights

Carefully hang the pendulum on the top part of the structure (hold the pendulum hook with one hand and hang the pendulum with the other hand). The pendulum should hang straight when it’s not moving. If it’s not hanging vertically, check the case straightness. Now move the pendulum up to the case wall and then let it swing. The initially large pendulum movements become smaller, until it swings evenly.