The brand Karlsson is one of the larger brands for fashion watches in our online shop Uhren4you. Convincing with various designs, whether simple or striking, angular or round, glass or marble, they are always stylish and an eye-catcher in your living room.

Living room inspirations


Here you can find some inspiration for combining Karlsson clocks in living rooms.

Karlsson is a globally renowned brand for clocks from the Netherlands. The Netherlands are always one step ahead when it comes to fashion, styles, and trends. Trends often arise there and a couple of years later, you can find these modern trends here as well. So, be a trendsetter in the field of watches with Karlsson. These are not only watches for a practical use, but can also be used as decoration as well.

Selection of the living room watches by Karlsson

Karlsson KA5488GY

This model is a square-shaped wall clock. Its measurements are 35 x 35 cm and it is made of green and grey glass. The applied silver Arabic numbers are made of metal. The hands are silver as well. It is a simple but modern model.

This wall clock is made of green marble. The face is has a mixed black and green colour and is arranged in a regular hexagon. It is divided into multiple small triangles which have a futuristic look. There are no markers, only golden hands. This watch was developed by the BOX32 design team.

Another wall clock which is anything but simple! As the name Sunshine Hexagon already suggests, it is looks like the sun. The entire form is round, but it contains smaller hexagons. The construction consists of a steady MDF plate with a wooden look. So, the face consists of the hexagons which are grained into the wood. The wood is beige, and the hands are orange which reinforces the image of sunlight.

Designed by Boxtel and Buijs, this wall clock is black. The case is made of black plastic. Apart from that, the clock has an arched glass which covers the face. It is black as well, and modern, very slim, white numbers and markers are applied. The three hands are white as well.

The brand Karlsson also produces alarm clocks. This is an example for the various alarm clocks designed by Karlsson. It is a classic model where you can see the bells ringing when the alarm turns on. The alarm clock consists of a light-blue steel case and a white face. This one shows black Arabic numbers and black hands.