Which wall clock is perfect for me?

We do not have a unique answer to this question, but we can surely help you find one. Our shop usually offers the same clock in different variations and colours, so that your chances to find the perfect one for your living space will be increased through our wide range of articles.

Timeshop4you.co.uk makes every effort to present you our clocks in the best possible way, allowing you to imagine them in your living space. In addition to the many pics and details of our products, there is also a showroom function, that you can find next to each article. We tried to ease your choice by letting you picture how your desired clock would look like in your living room or combined with different colours or types of furniture.

The following images offer combinations and inspirations for your home, that see our clock as protagonists. Table clocks, longcase clocks or outdoor clocks: the choice is yours. Let yourself be inspired!

Inspirations for your living space

This wall clock goes perfectly with the warm, sandy colours of a likewise warm atmosphere, with its beige shades.

AMS 5975

A golden Haller table clock, which presents itself elegant already, is the perfect match to a classical furniture, possibly golden too. This clock would surely represent a rupture of stile for a modern furniture too.

Haller 60_821-296

This wall clock is a complement for a creative chaos made of different cloth, material or structural patterns and wild spokes in the dial. It’s another clock that doesn’t imitate other clocks.

A modern black wall clock with a definite design for the kid’s rooms, in black and grey shades.

Sigel WU113

A very particular timepiece for a particular living space as well, with its timeless design.

AMS 5251

An outdoor clock for gardens and exterior spaces. A perfect addition, with its stainless steel and glass-like material, to stylish winter gardens.

Stylish world time clocks with a definite design are perfect for extraordinary charming and sober living spaces. Their readability fades into the background. It’s their sober design that plays a decisive role.

Longcase clocks are an eye-catcher both in a modern or classical house. The important thing is to provide them with the best place in your living space, because that would catch other people´s attention and make them at ease. This kind of clocks are available in different colours and types of wood.