Wall clocks for your childrens room are not only suitable for them, but they are also a true eye-catcher. Furthermore, they also serve as means to teach children how to properly read the time. Older children can use it simply to read the time. Choosing a kids wall clock can take long, given the wide range of models. On our shop you can surely find a beautiful and suitable kid’s wall clock for boys or girls. That’s why we arranged a small selection for you.

Kid’s wall clocks make independent


Buying a kid’s wall clock for your children’s room is always a good idea. Your kid would be surely happy to finally see a clock that matches perfectly his or her room. Moreover, these kinds of clocks are true eye-catchers, that draws the attention of children quite automatically. In addition to that, a wall clock can be also used to teach a child how to properly read the time.

And when the clock is decorated with your children’s favourite patterns or motifs, learning how to read the time will only be funnier. Once he has grown and is capable to read the time, he will surely feel independent to pay attention to it. It doesn’t matter if he or she has to be on time for dinner, for training or for an appointment: a wall clock for your child’s room bring a big deal of independence in.

Kids room

A kid’s wall clock for boys and girls

One of the leading brands of kid’s wall clocks is Jacques Farel. These clocks captivate for their childish motifs. The model WAL 01, for example, is particularly good for dreamy girls. The pink-white 3D dial is decorated with flowers and butterflies. The Arabic numerals are big, blue and with the luminous hands easily readable. Besides, the clock is almost silent and doesn’t tick, which makes the room absolutely calm.

Another wall clock, suitable for boys, is the Roger Lascelles WDC/PEND/HENRY. In this case we are talking about a pendulum clock with a boat motif on the dial and on the pendulum. On the dial you can also find a circle made of black Arabic numerals, that are also very easy to read.