The Wireless Watch – Practical and Modern!

A wireless watch is a quartz watch, which can receive a time signal from a time signal transmitter. With this information, the internal quartz clock can be regulated. The time is often shown together with the date and another function such as alarm, or temperature. The advantage of such a watch is that you will always see an exact time and you don’t have to wind it up yourself. The switch between daylight saving time and standard time is automatic, if the watch is in the reception range zone of the time signal transmitter. Few wireless watches cannot be set manually, so they have to rely on transmitters.

Master Time und Eco Tech Time- The New Wireless Watches

The new wireless watch brand Eco Tech Time comes with many different models. The watches also come with a solar function and they store solar energy.

The wireless solar watch is a watch that is powered by solar energy. The energy is stored by a solar cell on the clock-face and powers the watch, even if there isn’t a lot of light, so you won’t need to change any batteries. The pioneer on the field of wireless solar watches is the German brand Junghans, especially when it comes to wristwatches.

Now you can find those watches on and you can get the Eco Tech Time wireless solar watches in our shop.

We want to show you a new brand, which offers wireless watches. Master Time has different watches on offer, you can find women’s and men’s wireless watches, wristwatches, or casing materials in all different colours. The great thing is that all of them are wireless watches. The first model is a women’s watch with a white leather bracelet and a rose-gold casing. The white clock-face is adorned with rhinestones, which act as an index. The second model is also for women, it comes with a golden stainless-steel bracelet and casing. The clock-face comes with Arabic numerals and a digital calendar.