What should a proper wristwatch for the summer look like?

A summer watch, of course, must look light and summerly fresh. Colourful designs are surely an advantage here. They constitute a special colourful highlight with the selected outfit and they go well with suntanned skin. A light summer clock doesn’t need any frills, a simple look and practicability are more than sufficient.

In addition, high-priced luxury watches make no sense in summer. They would soon suffer from exposure to the sun, sun milk, chlorine, salt water and much more. It would be a pity if the good watch would suffer damages. Apart from that, exchanging the model for the new season is much easier when it’s not a luxury item.

It’s also advantageous not to choose a metal bracelet since metal expands when exposed to heat. The strong heat can be transferred to the metal, which is a problem, because it may burn your skin. This is anything but comfortable to wear. Also, a leather bracelet is not recommended during the summer. The high-quality bracelet can suffer discoloration and is very much stressed in the heat.

Therefore, it is best to wear silicone or nylon bracelets in summer. With them you don’t have to worry if they get wet. In addition, it is recommendable that the watch is water proof up to 10 am or higher, so that nothing can go wrong when you go for a swim.

The summer watch should not only match your outfit, it must also withstand every fun activity!

Summer watches at Timeshop4you.co.uk

This watch by ICE Watch comes with a white silicone bracelet and casing. Furthermore, it has a glitter dial in silver with a turquoise finish, which makes the watch look sporty but still elegant. Moreover, it is waterproof up to 10 bar and is thus suitable as a summer watch in an visual as well as practical sense! The wristwatch by s.Oliver has a strikingly ocean blue bracelet and casing and is thus a special eye catcher.

You’ll also find a summer watch by Daisy Dixon in our shop. Coloured in bright pink, there are flower shapes on a white silicone bracelet. The casing is also made of pink silicone. In contrast to that the striking Kienzle ladies’ watch focuses very much on glitter and rhinestones. In addition to the likewise pink silicone bracelet, the bezel and digits are made of many small sparkling rhinestones. So, it will shimmer and glitter beautifully in the sunlight.