A wooden wristwatch is a very special accessory and certainly a unique one – because it is one of a kind. Holzkern watches are more than just watches. They are particularly kind to the skin and impress with their extraordinary design. Wristwatches of wooden core are your very own piece of nature, which always remind you of making the most of your time.

Our present time is determined by information pluralism and the seemingly unlimited possibilities of shaping our lives. Despite great prosperity, many young people feel overwhelmed by the countless options. Taking some time out and spending it outdoors allows for the very rare moments of consciously slowing down everyday life and creating moments of gratitude and contemplation. Wood core – with its symbol of a tree’s annual rings – has created an individual piece of nature for everyone reminding us of always making the most of our time.

The manufacturing

“Uniquely natural. Naturally unique” – with wood core Watches, this is not only a slogan but rather an explanation of the close relation to the materials that have always been useful for humankind: Wood and rocks.
Precious hard wood from different regions all over the world is used for the manufacture. Thanks to their lightweight nature, they provide the models with extraordinary wearing comfort. Without the use of colours and due to the exclusive use of natural wood, every wood core product maintains its natural uniqueness.

Besides vivid types of wood, various high-quality types of rocks are used for the face. The combination of the woods delicate grain and the impressive structure of the rocks make every watch a unique specimen.
Finally, the special manufacturing of the materials and the slim shape of the bezel represent a classy and very special alternative to the usual wristwatches made of metal.

Holzkern models at Timeshop4you.co.uk

With “Herbstdämmerung” and “Wasser”, we have chosen a ladies’ model and a universal model which can be worn by both women and men. The warm, brown hinged wristband made from walnut wood of “Herbstdämmerung” contrasts with the light maple clock face. The ladies’ model “Wasser” comes with a light maple hinged wristband. It contrasts with the dark aquamarine clock face which, in fact, is made from real blue lapis lazuli stone.