Binary watches are the proof that watches don’t need necessarily an analogue or digital dial. Binary watches show the time not with the help of hands nut rather with luminous diodes. You can find these watches on with the brand Binary Time, which is a cult in its original country. The plain structure and essentiality of these watches can only express elegance, individuality, and understatement. Follow the trend and discover a new dimension of watches.

Functions of binary watches

One type of binary watches is the showing of time with the aid of binary elements, which translate the decimals corresponding to the typical time into binary-coded decimals. Another type of binary watch shows the time without direct relation to binary decimals.

Our Binary Time watches

LED Lights

The Binary Time GRR116B3 has a grey silicone strap and a silver stainless steel case. The dial is also silver with blue LED lights. For this watch, the biggest circles represent the hours, the smaller ones five minutes each, whereas the light diodes the single minutes. In addition to that, the watch is a quartz watch.

The Binary Time GW102B1 presents a black polyurethane strap with a black stainless-steel case. The dial is red with green and blue LED lights. In this case, the red stripes show each the hours, the green ones the minutes in increments of 10 (10, 20, 30, 40, 50) and the blue ones the minutes 1-9.

The Binary Time IRH102RB1 shows a broad black leather strap with vibrant stitches. The case is silver and of stainless steel. The dial is black with red, blue and yellow LED lights. This watch can show time and date, which functionalities can be set with a button on the side. The blue LED lights represent the hours, the red ones the minutes.