Most GPS devices weigh almost 200 grams even without batteries; when powered, they are as heavy as a packet of butter. This is nothing for sport activities. In addition, there is the handling: For example, you have to have both hands free while running a mountain. GPS wristwatches are more suitable. You will find a selection in our shop. But what exactly are GPS watches and how do they work? This post reports on what GPS watches can do and what they are useful for. Because the functions are much more hidden and do not mean navigation from A to B. Find out more now …

How does a GPS Watch work?

  1. GPS watches receive signals from GPS satellites. With the help of this technology, GPS watches help you with location, navigation and route tracking.
  2. Sports watches with GPS are usually referred to as GPS watches. But there are also the so-called location clocks, which also use GPS technology.
  3. GPS sports watches include numerous functions that are useful for your training. GPS location watches allow you to wear the watch’s wearer e.g. can locate and even call via your smartphone at any time.
World Time

Our GPS Watches

We have selected two men’s watches as an example of a GPS location watch. The Citizen watch AT8020-54L receives the current time and position from GPS satellites worldwide and automatically sets the exact time of the current location. In addition to the hour, minute and second, it can also display the date, the day of the week, a perpetual calendar and a dual time.

In addition, two alarms, a countdown timer, a stopwatch and a backlight can be set. The watch has a UTC display, can receive the radio time on four channels and display the world time.

The Eco Tech Time EGT-11363-60M also has a world clock and is equipped with GPS, so that it too can be received all over the world. It is also equipped with a solar clockwork. The abbreviations for world cities are on the bezel.