Functions of the Smart Watches

The smart watch became more and more popular over the years. Today there are already many manufacturers who want to follow the trend and now offer smartwatches. Among them are Kronaby, Garmin, Citizen and even Tommy Hilfiger. But is it just a trend or has the smart watch proven to be a practical everyday companion, which is very helpful not only for business people? You should answer this question for yourself by yourself, because the use of technology and smartphones is still very ambivalent in our society.
However, if you have been thinking about buying a smart watch, this article is for you. At we have tested two smart watches, which do not exactly look like smart watches when you first look at them. We show you how they work and what you can do with them; this is our smart watch test 2017:

Smartwatch Citizen BZ1006-82E

The Citizen BZ1006-82E

This is a watch that does not look like a smart watch when you first look at it. Because, unlike you would suspect with a new smartwatch, you cannot read messages or open apps with it. The Bluetooth watch is only used for getting notifications and setting a timer. This is done with the buttons and the crown on the watch itself. All other functions of the watch, such as the perpetual calendar, the battery discharge indicator or the 24h display are also controlled on the watch itself. Apart from all these functions, this men’s watch also has an elegant visual appearance.

Citizen Bluetooth App

The Citizen is also called a Bluetooth watch by the manufacturer. With this watch, the first step is to download the Citizen Bluetooth App on your smartphone. After you have activated Bluetooth and the app, the two electrical devices will connect. Now you can choose on your smartphone, what kinds of notifications you want to get from the watch. There is the free selection including SMS, calls, calendar messages, but also notifications of apps like Instagram, Facebook, Whats App and many more. The notification is recognisable by a vibration of the watch and a short beep sound.

Screen Citizen Bluetooth App

The Kronaby A1000-0793

This watch seems to be even less of a smart watch than the Citizen watch at the first impression. The dial is simply white, there are black Arabic numerals and silver-coloured hands, but it does not seem as if you could read something else from it besides the time. But don’t be fooled. The secret of the Kronaby smart watch lies in the buttons and the crown.

Kronaby App screen

Again, the first step is to download the Kronaby app. Then open it and hold down the crown of the watch. The app and the watch will automatically trace each other and connect. After calibrating, you can get to the main menu. Here you first select a function, either the control of the dial, the three buttons including the crown, the vibration or the activity tracker.

Kronaby App screen

If you, for example, select the buttons, you can now determine exactly which functions these should have. You can simply drag each field to one of the buttons in the app. You can change this as much as you want. When the respective button is pressed, the selected function is executed. You can choose ‘Find phone’, which means that when the button is pressed, a signal tone is triggered on the mobile phone. You can also choose ‘Music Control’ to set the volume of the music with the buttons above and below. Or you choose ‘Camera’ which takes a picture on the mobile phone when pressed. Other functions are ‘Walk me home’, ‘Mute phone’ or ‘Remember this sport’.
The Kronaby smart watch for women and men can therefore be individually adapted and customized according to your needs and the settings can always be changed again!