For girls only!

Daisy Dixon is about fashion, life, love, experiences and great times. Fashion has always been part of our history – fashion is more than a friend, it’s a lifestyle. We are part of fashion and fashion will always be a part of us. We can’t do without one another and we will remain together until the end.

This fashionable brand comes from London’s catwalks. For the first time, it is now also available at German online shops! Be one of the first trendsetters and get your Daisy Dixon watch at – you can look forward to it!

The customer can choose her watch exclusively from multiple series. These are marked with women’s names like “Jesse, Amelia, Christie, Phoebe”. Each series has a distinctive character.


The watches from the Jesse series are made of varicoloured leather bracelets showing Leoprints. These pieces are kept in a dark brown-black and a lighter brown-beige colour. The dials are black and gold-coloured. Besides the Leo bracelet, the dial is a particular eye-catcher thanks to its colour gradient, which gets darker when approaching the outer side. The indexes are point indexes.


The Amelia collection is simple and elegant on the one hand. On the other hand, the colours and the leather bracelet with a crocodile pattern are real eye-catchers. The case colour, as well as the colour of the numbers and the bar index are rosé-gold. In the example, the dial colour is the same as the bracelet colour – a dark burgundy-red. But on the other model the bracelet is brown-beige and the dial is rosé-gold. Both models are accentuating because of the pink seconds hands.


The Christie series consists of just these two watches. Both include a hinged stainless steel bracelet. One in rosé-gold, the other in silver. The dial is simple and has no indexes. What is special about it, is that on both of them there is a lettering on the edge of the dial, reading “DAISY DIXON LONDON” in capital, stamped-in letters. Moreover, the pink seconds hands are special accents that make the watch a timeless and particularly modern piece.


Phoebe gives the brand some youthfulness and girlishness. With delicate flower patterns stamped on the dial, a lot of attention is drawnto the watch. For  both models the case colour corresponds to the dial colour, which is rosé gold for the one and gold for the other watch. It also has the same pink second hand. The bracelets are fine, narrow leather bracelets in pink and white.

Daisy Dixon – Be part of the trend!

Daisy Dixon has many different models: from leather strap to silicone and stainless steel bracelet, from wide to narrow, large and small, simple and elaborate, glitter and flowers, stripes and dots. EVERYONE will find a suitable watch. And they are an absolute statement as for shape and colour.

But one thing is for sure, the Daisy Dixon will always be girly. Poppy colours, shrill designs. Anything but boring! It can embellish the outfit of a young girl, as well as a woman who still has fun with fashion and trends, and who doesn’t care about narrowing dress codes.