Watches can impress us in many ways by daylight, it does not matter if through the design of their cases and straps, through the structure of their dials or through their elaborate complications. When it is dark, we cannot see any of it. While many watches cannot be as helpful in the dark as they are by daylight, there are some who can be read when it is night thanks to their illumination system. These models can fascinate us through a particularly beautiful illumination. But what is the difference between luminous dial and luminous numerals?

Watches provided with a luminous dial

A luminous dial in a watch means that the current time can be easily recognized and read in the dark.

There are also some watches, although few, provided with a small flashlight that illuminates the dial. However, it is not that easy to find this type of models in the luxury goods, but rather among outdoor or camping articles.


The models Casio GAW-100B-1A2ER and Master Time MTGS-10555-21M feature a small flashlight under the numeral 6, so that the dial can be illuminated from below. To activate the luminous background of the Casio watch it is enough to twist the wrist. It will be possible to see the illumination once the lightness around you starts decreasing. The luminous dial of the Master Time watch can be activated through a button on the case.

Master Time mtgs-10555-21

Watches with luminous numerals

When we talk about high quality watches featuring an illumination system, we usually refer to the fact that their hands, indexes and dials are coated with luminous material, which allows them to be easily read in the dark.

Traditionally, we can find luminous hands and indexes in aviator watches, diver’s watches and military watches. Beside the practical aspects, which is essential for their readability in the dark, many producers use purposely the aesthetical appeal these watches are made of, which reveals itself in the dark.

The models Eco Tech Time EGS-11301-22L and Vostok Europe 9516-5554251 present luminous numerals directly on the dial. In the case of the Eco Tech Time men’s watch, we see Arabic numerals and hands illuminate. The illumination is activated by pressing the button on the case. The Vostok watch has luminous hands and baton markers. The illumination is activated by turning the bezel upwards or downwards. In this case the luminous hands are called Superluminova.