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Mayr WU 80
Wall Clock

Wall Clock Mayr
Artikel:WU 80
Serie:Helmut Mayr Shield Clocks

Mayr-WU 80Mayr-WU 80

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Mayr WU 80 Wall Clock - Pendulum Clocks - Series: Helmut Mayr Shield Clocks

  • Dial
    dial with Roman numerals
  • Distinctive features
    High-quality manufacture process with meticulous attention to detail: Handcrafted and handpainted dial, electro-plated.
  • Hands
    Elegant, blued steel hands.
  • Measurements
    28,5 x 24,5 cm (HxB ohne Pendel und Gewichte)
  • Movement
    8 day chain movement, 1/2 hour and hourly coil gong , chime deactivation
  • Packaging
    Original box
  • Pendulum
    brass, antique
  • Time indication
  • Weights
  • Are you looking for a particular timepiece but cannot find it?
    Perhaps we can help please contact us!Contact
MaterialMetall (and others)
UsageRepresentative, Living room
Dial-face colourGold
NumeralsAbout us

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