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Swiss Military Watches Unmatched functionality, innovative design

CX Swiss Military Watch can look back on successful 50 years in which the company has brought thousands of chronographs, chronometers and high precision watches to an uncountable number of men and women. The quality of these timepieces is legendary, thus Swiss Military meets worldwide approval.

Uncompromising functionality, innovative design and the latest technology, Swiss Military holds a well-earned place in the hall of fame of military timepieces. In addition, all Swiss Military watches bear the coveted quality seal 'Swiss Made'. Swiss Military is also the market leader for precision watches. This success is due to the fact that the manufacturers of the watches ensure the quality and most innovative Swiss watch technology.

Admittedly these watches were originally designed for soldiers. Because whether 3600 m under water or in dizzying heights, a Swiss Military holds extreme conditions. So you no longer have to worry, even if you determine that your watch is still on your wrist while you are already under the shower.

The design is very diverse. From the classic metal bracelet, chic leather to the functional plastic bracelets, Swiss Military offers many possibilities. In addition, there is a wide range in the design of the dial. Furthermore, the size of the housing is varying, so that for each wrist there is the perfect watch, some of them have already become collectors' items, the value does not only remain, but steadily increase.

These precise and robust watches are more than worth their price, because they are made from materials such as scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and pure titanium. They put a lot of emphasis on quality, precision and robustness, a Swiss Military Chrono is the right thing for you in any case. You want to buy a Swiss Military? Then you will find it in our store with over 200 different models.