Summer is the perfect time to wear stylish accessories, and a wristwatch is no exception. When it comes to choosing a watch for the warm months, there are certain features and functions that make them particularly suitable.

What makes a good summer watch?

  1. Water resistance: Whether at the beach, by the pool, or during outdoor activities, a waterproof watch is an absolute must for summer. It allows you to wear your watch in the water without worries and protects it from moisture damage.
  2. Lightweight material: A wristwatch made of lightweight materials such as plastic or titanium is ideal for summer. It sits comfortably on the wrist and does not cause excessive heat or sweat.
  3. Breathable strap: Choose a strap that is breathable, such as one made of fabric or perforated leather. This allows for better airflow and prevents sweat from accumulating under the strap.
  4. Bright colors and summer patterns: A watch with bright colors or a cheerful summer pattern adds a lively touch to your outfit and goes perfectly with the warm season. Emphasize your personal style with a watch that complements your summer wardrobe.
  5. UV protection: A watch with a case or strap that offers UV protection protects your skin from harmful sun rays. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time outdoors.
  6. Practical features: A summer watch should also offer practical functions. A stopwatch for sports activities, an integrated compass, or a temperature display can be useful features to make your summer even more enjoyable.
  7. Luminous hands and indices: A watch with luminous hands and indices allows you to easily read the time even in darkness or poorly lit environments. This is particularly useful when enjoying long summer evenings outdoors.
  8. Durability: A resilient watch that can withstand shocks and falls is ideal for outdoor activities in summer. Choose a watch that is sturdy and durable to ensure it withstands the challenges of summer.

Current trends

The current summer wristwatch trends offer a wide range of stylish options to enhance your outfit. A major trend is colorful dials that give your look a fresh and cheerful touch. With vibrant pastel tones or bold colors like yellow, orange, or turquoise, your watch will catch everyone’s attention. Mesh straps are also very popular this summer. They are lightweight, breathable, and provide pleasant ventilation to avoid excessive sweating. With a variety of colors, these straps complement any style and create a comfortable and fashionable look. Natural materials such as linen, cork, or wood are another hot trend. Watches with straps made of these materials give your watch an organic look and perfectly harmonize with the summer nature-inspired fashion. For a maritime touch, watches with nautical elements like anchor or sailor motifs are highly sought after. Combine them with striped outfits or maritime accessories to create a stylish and summery look. An exciting trend is transparent cases, which give your watch a modern and futuristic aesthetic. Transparent or see-through watch cases make the dial stand out and are a real eye-catcher. For those who are active, sporty diver watches are the perfect choice. They are waterproof, robust, and often feature practical functions such as a rotating bezel and luminous hands and indices for optimal readability. If you prefer dainty and feminine watches, mini watches are the current trend. They appear delicate and go perfectly with the casual summer layering look with bracelets or bangles.

Our conclusion

No matter which trend you choose, a summer wristwatch adds the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. Choose a watch that suits your personal style and complements your summer looks. Enjoy the warm days with a stylish timepiece on your wrist and show your sense of fashion and individuality. Be ready to make a stylish appearance in summer and highlight your personality.