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100-day money backTrends - 29.10.2021100-day money back Buy gifts today & if you're not satisfied return it in the new year! It is coming up soon! Christmas is just around the corner. Your summer holidays are just over or one of the last fall trips is coming up and just like that, the Advent... read more 100-days-money-back-warranty
Unpack pendulum clocks, align and assemble correctlyWall clocks and Table clocks - 02.10.2021This article is about the correct installation of pendulum clocks. Some customers have problems finding the pendulum in the box, or notice that it is scratched or have difficulty attaching the pendulum to the clock. To make the installation easier for you, we have put together... read more unpack-pendulum-clocks-align-assemble-correctly
The new Walter Gropius watchesWatches - 16.07.2021We have a new watch brand in our shop Timeshop4you.co.uk! The Walter Gropius watches are based on the well-known Bauhaus style. The designer Daniel Eltner developed the collection. Learn more about the Bauhaus style, the Walter Gropius wristwatches and get to know a few selected... read more the-new-walter-gropius-watches
Longcase clocks and their melodiesLongcase clocks - 04.06.2021Longcase clocks are large clocks that can reach a height of 3 m. They are intended for the interior of private households. Since they are stationary on the floor, they are also appropriately called floor clocks. They function with a weight drive, which function over the traction... read more longcase-clocks-and-their-melodies
Watches with sapphire crystal: Is it unbreakable?Watches - 28.04.2021Plastic and mineral glasses were yesterday. Nowadays, sapphire crystal is used as a cover and protection for sensible luxury watches. Also in our shop you will find some watches for women and men with sapphire crystal. But why is sapphire crystal so robust and unbreakable?... read more watches-with-sapphire-crystal-is-it-unbreakable

Timepiece of the week

Seiko watches SRPF23K1 based on the comic figure BlankaClock or watch of the week - 29.10.2021Our watch of the week is the Seiko watch SRPF23K1 Limited Edition from the Street Fighter series. Due to the special green-orange color, the men's watch is based on the Street Fighter comic figure Blanka. Find out more about the comic figure and our watch of the week in this... read more 1563

Timeshop4you.co.uk. Your Online Shop for Wristwatches and Wall Clocks

At Timeshop4you.co.uk you can quickly and safely order watches and wall clocks by many different brands in any price class online. Shopping is very easy and is supported by the elaborate filter search functions. The slogan "the right watch for anyone" is a major concept at timeshop4you.co.uk and points out that we do not focus on a special target group. With both trend-setting new wristwatch brands for younger customers as well as long-established products for the living room, e.g. longcase clocks, we address a wide range of customers. To make sure our customers can take their time to assess the quality of our products, timeshop4you.co.uk offers an extended right of return of 100 days. Likewise, we provide an extended warranty of 3 years for many watch brands and wall clock brands. This free service extends the statutory warranty by one year, giving the customer another important advantage when buying in our clock shop.

We are particularly proud of the unique range and depth of the assortment that we can offer you for wall clock brands. In addition to well-known brands such as AMS, Hermle or Karlsson, we also offer our customers luxury clocks by the brands Kieninger or Helmut Mayr. We advise each customer on the phone and, if you wish, we will deliver very valuable models to you personally. The great variety in the segments of ladies' watches and men's watches is also a particular strength of our watch shop. More than 50 watch brands, which are updated weekly with the latest models, are permanently available and can be delivered immediately in most cases. Well-known brands such as Seiko or Casio watches have been our watch partners for a long time, with whom we are confidently working together.

In 2019, we are again working with great accuracy to present to you the latest brands and models. The latest trends, which are reflected in the collections of wristwatches, are just as much in the focus as the latest living trends, which are reflected in new materials and shapes in the living room clocks.

We hope to inspire you with our selection.