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In our modern times, almost every cell phone, every electronic organiser, every family car and even the most basic kitchen device comes equipped with a digital timepiece. Why then do we still wear wristwatches and decorate our homes with traditional clocks? Why don't we just rely on our ever-present digital companions? Whether it is even in keeping with these 'modern times' or not it seems to us that it is especially these hectic and rapidly changing times which make people want to return to traditional watches and clocks. Maybe even as a counterbalance to the omnipresence of digital timepieces. It is particularly the classic mechanical watch which has increased in popularity over the last years. Because it invites us to see it as a piece of art rather than only a technical device designed to indicate the time. The classic beauty and aesthetic of mechanical wristwatches are always an expression of individual style and unique personality. They continue to be a reliable companion even when the batteries of our cell phones and organisers are worn out. A modern mechanical watch achieves an accuracy of three to five seconds a day. This makes it one of the most precise instruments existing today a wonder of precision engineering. Wall clocks are more than simply timepieces. They add a decorative element to your own four walls, just like it does a beautiful painting. Table and mantle clocks invite us to stay a second or two in contemplation and watch them like we do with sculptures. The chime of a longcase clock might bring back long-lost memories of our grandparent's home. And even the quartz watch looks back on a long and exciting history: world's first quartz clock was built in 1927. But it took another four decades until the first analogue quartz wristwatches were ready for the market. In 1969, Seiko introduced the 'Astron', world's first commercial quartz wristwatch. It is today considered as one of the most influential advances in electrical engineering. Horology, stemming from the Greek words for 'time' and 'science', means not only the 'science of measuring time' it is our philosophy that it also stands for the Art of Timekeeping. And that the clocks and watches we offer are an expression of this unique philosophy!

Quartz Clocks or Mechanical Clocks?

What is it that we expect from a clock? The answer is simple we want it to indicate the time as accurately as possible. Quartz clocks seem to be best suited for this purpose. They are both extremely precise and available at moderate prices. However, there is an enormous number of manufacturers who have dedicated themselves exclusively to the production of mechanical watches. Examples are watchmakers like 'Ingersoll' and 'Junkers'. Mechanical wristwatches by Ingersoll and Junkers are world-renown for their high-class quality. Their collections offer a rich variety of models which are always state-of-the-art and designed with meticulous attention to detail. Mechanical clocks - i.e. wall, table, mantle and longcase clocks are produced by manufacturers like Kieninger, AMS or Hermle and are available at different price levels. Without a doubt, their premium-class products are unique pieces of art that will delight their new owner for many decades to come. Finally, this is what makes mechanical clocks and watches so special: They are masterpieces that were especially designed to accompany us through our entire life. A well manufactured mechanical clock or watch is an article of great value that is often handed down from generation to generation. Of course, quartz regulated timepieces stop to work when their batteries are flat. And they seem to lack the 'historical flavour'. However, quartz watches and clocks play an important role because manufacturers also need reliable and reasonably priced movements for their seasonal collections. It is especially modern timepieces that are subject to constantly changing tastes and styles. As it is the case with other fashionable articles, manufacturers react to their customer's wishes by designing more than one collection a year. In focusing more on the outward appearance, the interior life of the timepiece fades from the spotlight and leaves the stage for new visual effects, matchless styles and innovative designs. The 'new look' of a wristband and the ''colourful design' of the dial can be of utmost importance for both producers and owners of fashion watches. As is seen with Swatch whose products contrast pleasantly with the monotonous designs of other manufacturers. But there is one thing that mechanical and quartz regulated timepieces have in common: There are many good manufacturers and brands for both types of timepieces. And they all offer a great selection of models and designs for Ladies and Men. We are therefore proud to be able to carry products of Britain's and Germany's most popular brands.

Each timepiece accentuates a unique personality

'The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose' Considering the great variety of brands, watches and clocks that are found on the market, this old proverb can be understood literally. First and foremost there is to say that the choice of the right watch or clock is always a very personal decision that may take some time. A timepiece should underline your sense of fashion and accentuate your unique personality - but it should not define you. It can be understood as the ultimate style statement or follow the art of understatement and elegance in reducing itself to clear-cut shapes and designs. People who tend to think practically will choose a watch or a clock that is easy to read. They will enjoy a clear-cut dial with Arabic numerals from 1 to 12 more than Roman numerals or baton hour markers. Chronographs, which come with a great variety of functions, are the right choice for enthusiasts who like technical features and want to be best-informed about the current time, date or weather. It is not an understatement to say that many men are still a boy at heart when their watch offers functions and information that others do not. Globetrotters who use to travel across different continents might want to choose a watch with world-time function to switch easily between time zones. A world time clock in your office keeps you up-to-date and tells you what time it is in your customer's country. These simple examples demonstrate that a few criteria help you to find the watch that accentuates your personality or discover a clock that meets your demands.

Our Categories

Even the greatest variety of wristwatches and home clocks can be categorised according to their types and purposes. Our shop's website offers you easy-to-use categories right underneath the menu bar. Within the group of wristwatches, main categories for Men's and Ladies' Watches have been created to allow an easy and uncomplicated access. Other important categories include Chronographs, Aviator Watches, Diver's Watches and Automatic Watches. Home clocks have been divided into Wall Clocks, Table Clocks and Longcase Clocks to provide better orientation. Products like Kitchen Clocks, Office Clocks, Radio-Controlled Wall Clocks and World Time Clocks, to name only a few, are listed in separate categories so you can find them at the first sight. .

Ladies' Watches

More than anything else, Ladies' watches must be fashionable and visually appealing. Rather than simply being a technical device that indicates the time, a lady's wristwatch is a decorative object that harmonises with her classy dress and elegant appearance. Functionalities which are very essential when it comes to men's watches are of secondary importance. More relevant are the colour and shape of a given watch or the filigree design of the bracelet. In this sense a Lady's wristwatch compares to a piece of precious jewellery which underlines her natural beauty. You will find all sorts of elegant and fashionable watches here at, for instance the new collections by Dugena and s.Oliver. Check out our Ladies' Watches section and you will be surprised. .

Men's Watches

Men wear watches that offer something special like additional functions and information or a very sporty design. Functionalities and visual appeal are equally important. A watch can underline a man's affinity with technology or express his sense of fashion. Chronographs are appealing through their sophisticated and elegant designs and have a lot of useful features. Whether men really need all of the functions is not of great importance. True to the motto Show me what you've got!, many men like watches that attract attention yet without being too overstated. A big watch is best suited for this purpose. TW-Steel offers particularly big watches which come in sporty or elegant designs.


A chronograph is a clock or a watch with integrated timekeeping and stopwatch functions. Mechanical chronographs were common for timekeeping in sport competitions until the late 1960s but were then replaced by quartz regulated timepieces. Today, the stopwatch and timekeeping function is an additional feature primarily used by men. Citizen has become a very interesting brand for connoisseurs of chronographs. Their premium-quality watches are the perfect mix between classy designs, functionality and durability.

Aviator Watches

What is it that makes aviator watches so special to us? First and foremost it is their keen look. The touch of adventure and pioneering spirit has turned aviator watches into collector's items. For others it is their enthusiasm for precision and state-of-the-art mechanics which turned them into avid fans. World-renown brands of aviation - such as Zeppelin and Junkers - have enjoyed a growing clientèle over the last couple of years. Be part of the unique aviator lifestyle and check out our exclusive shop!

Diver's Watches

The history of diver's watches is still young. Diving as a sport developed relatively late. It grew popular after the documentaries of the Cousteau family and reached ist heyday in the 1990s. The first diver's watches to be ready for the market were however introduced in the late 1920s - when Rolex produced the first wristwatch that was permanently waterproof. It still took decades, and an increased demand due to the development of diving as a popular sport, until diver's watches were suitable for the mass. It was the brand Citizen in particular that set new standards when introducing models which came with a bathometer to measure the water's depth and a diving bezel to time the dive.

Automatic Watches

Automatic watches or mechanic timepieces form a genre of their own. Models of this kind do not need batteries. Mechanical watches have a huge and unique fan base which is fascinated by the tradition of watchmaking. The movements that are used for automatic watches are masterpieces, especially designed for accuracy and reliability. Whoever chooses to wear a mechanical wristwatch makes a statement about his enthusiasm for craftsmanship and quality.

Wall Clocks

As the name implies, a wall clock is a timepiece that hangs on the wall. But it is not as simply as that. More than that, wall clocks have become decorative objects in many houses. Leaving aside the fact that wall clocks display the accurate time and keep us up-to-date at a glance, the decorative aspect plays an important role for us when we choose one for our own four wall. Wall clocks come at a great variety of designs, be it for the kitchen, the living room or even for the office. In our store you will find more than 4,000 different models.

Longcase Clocks

Clocks which are taller than 1.50 meters and are not fixed on the wall are called longcase clocks. Also known by the name 'grandfather clock' or 'floor clock', these clocks are freestanding pendulum clocks and are usually regulated by mechanical movements. There are, however, some reasonably priced longcase clocks which are quartz regulated. Made of fine woods, the cases usually features carved ornamentation and are designed with meticulous attention to detail. Longcase clocks are therefore valued for their elegant and antique look. In our store you will find beautiful models by Kieninger and Hermle, two of the most popular German manufacturers of clocks.

Kitchen Clocks

Clocks of this kind are especially designed for the conditions in the kitchen. They provide easy legibility and are insensitive to steam and splashes. Kitchen clocks are often made of ceramics or other wipeable materials which makes them very easy to clean. In our 'Kitchen Clocks' category you will find a great and diverse selection of models that come with different designs, styles and materials. .

Office Clocks

At work we have to always keep an eye on time and date. But as 'time is money' a good office clock must give us all the information we need at a short glance. No ornate dials must distract our view from the necessary. According to our customers, this is one of the main criteria when choosing a clock for their offices. The typical office clock therefore comes in classic and unadorned designs, it is usually round and may even be bigger than the usual wall clock. In our shop we offer models by Karlsson that are up to 1 meter in diameter. Other brands that offer a great variety of office clocks are AMS and Nextime.

World Time Clocks

The world is divided in several time zones which depend on the sun's position in each part of the globe. Taking this into account, the watchmaking industry has introduced so called world time clocks that are able to display the exact time for many (or all) places around the world. Different manufacturers often create different ways of indicating the time. This results in unique shapes and designs that express the creativity of their inventors. World time clocks come as clocks or in wristwatch size. In our store you will find world time clocks by Nextime, Jacob Jensen and Oliver Roland.

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