The Artist Ferdi de Bruijn

The Dutch artist Ferdi de Bruijn, who is behind the name Ferdisign, has been designing accessories, such as clocks, lighting objects, pedestals and murals, for more than 30 years from his home. He has been exporting his objects to more than 20 countries over the years. More and more customers know where they can find his products and how it is created. You can find his works of art amongst others at

Are you looking for a unique and special gift for your partner, for an anniversary or birthday? In this case Ferdi de Bruijns works of art are just right for you. Each piece is an absolute unique and valuable work, in which he combines technology with art.

He uses a variety of different techniques, such as flat printing, milling, laser, hot bending, cutting and 3D printing. He also uses a variety of materials, such as polystyrene, acrylic, PLA or MDF. There is a high degree of continuity in quality, resulting in a good price/ performance ratio.

Let yourself be surprised by Ferdi de Bruijn!

The Ferdisign 4024 as the clock of the week!

Our clock of the week is the Ferdisign 4024. It’s an XXL wall clock, since it has a height of 60 cm and a width of 10 cm. It also belongs to the design and artists’ clocks since the designer and artist Ferdi de Bruijn designed and hand-painted it by himself. A silver-colored aluminum casing surrounds the actual work on a plastic surface.


This work of art can be divided into about five sections. In the uppermost section, the colors black and bright violet form a wavy top piece. Below this you’ll also find blue, red and yellow wavy shapes with vertical lines. The third section consists of a vertical line in black, blue and green. In the fourth section, we see Ferdi de Bruijn’s signature. And in the last section, the vertical lines are picked up again in black, yellow, green and blue, so that a coherent harmonious picture is created.

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