In a world where time has become a precious resource, the brand Citizen has established itself as a pioneer in the watch industry. Since its foundation in 1930, Citizen has consistently offered groundbreaking innovations and timeless elegance. With a combination of high-precision technology and first-class design, Citizen has become one of the most prestigious and respected brands worldwide.

What makes the Citizen NJ-Series stand out?

The NJ0151 models are currently among the most sought-after collections by Citizen. This could be attributed, on the one hand, to the blend of a traditionally simple design coupled with a wide range of dial colors. On the other hand, the watch is technologically innovative and stands out in terms of quality and functionality in its price range, thanks to its sophisticated automatic movement.

At Uhren4you, the watch is offered in 6 different variations with a silver case, as well as one variation with a gold case. The advantage is that there is something for almost every taste!

The dial color variations range from red to green, to three different shades of blue, to green, and even a plain black. It is worth emphasizing that the indices and hands are eye-catching, as the metal appears highly refined and shines brightly. The indices also glow in the dark.

The day display is easily legible and complements the watch’s overall quality appearance.

The back of the watch is also equipped with a glass panel, allowing for a closer inspection of the automatic movement with caliber 8210. The movement is equipped with 21 jewels to ensure the highest quality and precision. It operates at a frequency of 21,600 beats per hour, has a power reserve of 40 hours, and an accuracy of +/- 20 seconds per day.

The materials used are also impressive. The glass components are made of sapphire crystal, and both the case and the bracelet are made of high-quality stainless steel. The elements are partly brushed and partly high-gloss, which greatly enhances the watch’s visual appearance.

All in all, the series represents a good combination of tradition and modern design, reinforced by high-quality materials and excellent mechanics.

Citizen: Uniting Time, Technology, and Style

Citizen is renowned for its groundbreaking technologies, particularly the development of the Eco-Drive technology. This innovative feature allows the watches to convert light energy into electrical energy and store it in a rechargeable battery. As a result, Citizen watches are environmentally friendly and boast remarkable power reserves. The precision of Citizen’s movements is also noteworthy, with their chronometer certification guaranteeing exceptional accuracy.

Citizen watches represent timeless elegance and refined design. Whether classic or modern, Citizen offers a variety of models that cater to individual tastes. From elegant dress watches to sporty chronographs, the diversity of collections enables everyone to find the perfect timepiece for any occasion. The use of high-quality materials and attention to detail are distinguishing features that set Citizen watches apart from others.

Citizen is committed to sustainability and takes pride in manufacturing eco-friendly watches. The Eco-Drive technology reduces the need for battery replacements and helps reduce the waste of disposable batteries. Furthermore, the brand employs environmentally friendly processes and materials in its production. As a responsible company, Citizen also participates in philanthropic projects and donation campaigns to make a positive contribution to society.

Citizen is a brand that impressively combines time, technology, and style. With its innovative Eco-Drive watches, stylish designs, and commitment to sustainability, the brand has established itself as an industry leader. Whether you are seeking a reliable everyday watch or a stylish accessory, Citizen offers a variety of options to meet every taste and need. With Citizen, you don’t just wear a watch on your wrist, but also a symbol of precision, quality, and environmental consciousness.