Autumn is just around the corner and we want to redesign our living spaces. Make yourself comfortable at home: with pretty autumn decorations, you can do it in no time! Fluffy accessories made of wool, sparkling candles and tealight holders, lighting for cozy light, warm colors and lots of wood. But the matching wall clocks should not be missing as a new decoration. Living in autumn is a lot of fun. Let yourself be inspired by this autumn decoration and our wall clock tips!

Decorate with autumn colors

When the cold, damp weather makes us shiver, we make ourselves comfortable at home with autumn colors. We show atmospheric decorations with warm natural colors. So red is suitable as a classic color. But: red is not just red. The darker the shade, the more classic it looks. Bright variants radiate happiness. For example our Braun wall clock in a dark red. Orange and rust tones are reminiscent of autumn leaves and pumpkins and are therefore perfect as an autumn tone. The Karlsson KA5682OR shines in such an orange. But also delicate stone gray, soft reed green or warm brown: these colors create a relaxed atmosphere.

Living room clocks from nature


Whether lanterns, bouquets, wreaths or dry grass. It can be best decorated with autumn leaves. You can always use nature for great DIY autumn decorations. Dried flowers can be wonderfully decorated in autumn – from delicate and girlish to individual and wild. Berries, twigs, blossoms or nuts, for example, are very suitable for decorative wreaths.

Rose hips, heather, pumpkins and dahlias are ideal for a colorful table decoration. Great materials that can be supplemented are ceramics, wood, metal or marble, for example in the form of lanterns or vases. But a wall clock made of wood can also create a great and warm ambience. How about the AMS 9539, for example? A vintage wall clock that creates a cozy atmosphere.