During the winter we crave for cosiness and warmth in our home. It is also quite funny to enrich it with warm and cosy decorations. But is it enough to obtain that precise atmosphere? Of course, first thing you think of is a nice fireplace, which can be also comfy, calming and, obviously, warm. But even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can still create this atmosphere effortless, with some of our wall clocks, we will present you here as examples for it. They will grant a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Wall clocks in harmonious colours

Colours have definitely an influence on our well-being and with their cosiness contribute also to how we perceive the temperature of the room. The harmony of colours is to that purpose extremely important, meaning that colours from the same family usually go well with one another.  Cold white walls are rather unwelcoming. Each colour has a different effect on our emotions: while yellow cheers us up by bringing the sun in the room, green is rather harmonious and goes well with wooden furniture, whereas red grants warmth, if it is not too dazzling. As example, we will present a Karlsson wall clock to you, in a nice and warm old pink. This modern wall clock is not that bright or off-putting and can be easily combined with other warm tones.


Natural materials – Wood

Wood as warm material goes well to a cold ambience and works just fine as cosy addition to it. Metal, chrome and marble are very modern, but also bring a pinch of coldness to the room. That’s why you should combine cold materials in your home with warm ones, like for example wood. Even a dark rustic wooden table can warm up the ambience, as well as covers for furniture. An example is the Hermle 70991-080761. This pendulum clock is made of high-quality walnut wood.

The highest value lays in our favourite or collection things

The feeling of being home comes in any case from our personal stuff. These can be pieces of furniture with an emotional value or plant or thing we collected passionately. Setting up the scene makes the magic happen.