We have a new watch brand in our shop Timeshop4you.co.uk! The Walter Gropius watches are based on the well-known Bauhaus style. The designer Daniel Eltner developed the collection. Learn more about the Bauhaus style, the Walter Gropius wristwatches and get to know a few selected examples in this article.

Walter Gropius and Bauhaus

The architect and Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius was born on the 18th of May, 1883, in Berlin. After dropping out of his architecture studies in Munich and Berlin, Gropius went freelance as an architect and industrial designer and quickly set new standards with his architecture and design style. He revolutionized the approach to art, design and architecture. As the founder of the Bauhaus, he is considered a pioneer of modern construction. Bauhaus stands for timeless design, minimalism, but above all for experimental. The design of the clocks starts right from these premises and brings the idea further. Together with the designer Daniel Eltner, we have created a special watch collection that highlights the curious and playful aspect of the Bauhaus. We live in a dictatorship of the time, that sees the watch as prestige object, an investment, a time and pulse monitor. We’re running behind time.

Watches should encourage you to be aware of the time, to shape it accordingly and to develop a more free sense of time. They stand for quality and good design at an affordable price. In doing so, we are guided by the basic social concept of the Bauhaus – namely, to make good design accessible to everyone.

Our selection of watches

Walter Gropius WG005-02
Walter Gropius WG002-03
Walter Gropius WG008-03
Walter Gropius WG007-03

Our selection consists of the following watches: WG 005-02, WG 002-03, WG 008-03, WG 007-03. All wristwatches are designer watches and Made in Germany. These are universal watches that can be worn by any gender. They are quartz watches with an analogue dial. The material of the watches varies between leather and stainless steel, whereas most of them come with a leather strap. Some of the dials are very colourful and have geometric shapes.