Plastic and mineral glasses were yesterday. Nowadays, sapphire crystal is used as a cover and protection for sensible luxury watches. Also in our shop you will find some watches for women and men with sapphire crystal. But why is sapphire crystal so robust and unbreakable? Learn more about the properties of sapphire crystalin this article and get to know women’s and men’s watches from our shop.

King among the watch glasses

Sapphire crystal is considered the “king among watch glasses.” It’s actually as hard as sapphire. Only diamond and a few materials such as tungsten carbide are harder. Sapphire glass is synthetically produced by the Verneuil process and is highly pure alumina. Nevertheless, one should not necessarily treat it with diamond-coated tools or pointed objects in any way or strike at it. Even if sapphire crystal is scratch resistant, it sometimes appears as if small scratches have formed despite the manufacturer’s promise. But most of the time they are abrasion.

This means that softer metals have left their mark on the sapphire crystal. However, with a commercially available eraser, this can be removed quickly and easily. By the way, you can easily distinguish sapphire crystal from inferior mineral glass by dab a drop on the glass. If the drop runs down slightly, it is mineral glass. But if he stops and runs down only with difficulty, it is sapphire crystal.

Our watches with sapphire crystal

We picked out a women’s watch and a men’s watch, which have a watch glass made of sapphire. The Citizen CB0230-81E is a high-quality radio wristwatch from the Promaster series and is therefore also a diver’s watch. With diver’s watches, it is particularly important that the dial is protected from water penetration, which is why a sapphire crystal is particularly suitable for this. Our ladies watch is a Bulova watch. The chic and elegant watch convinces by its high-quality presentation. A bicolores stainless steel bracelet, rhinestones on the dial and the scratch-resistant sapphire glass make the watch something very special.