Our clock of the week is the Seiko QXC238W wall clock for every age. With the cute, playful floral pattern on the dial, this clock is just right for your living room. Find out more about our modern wall clock Seiko QXC238W, as well as about the Seiko brand and children’s room wall clocks from our shop in this post. Get ready to be surprised!

Our Seiko QXC238W

Our clock of the week, the Seiko QXC238W, consists of a white plastic case and a white dial. The special at the clock is, however, the multicolored flower ornaments on the dial’s edge. Red, pink-purple floral tendrils adorn the dial around the black, Arabic numerals, in a circular shape.  Another special feature is the pendulum. The pendulum clock has a small pink bunny at the level of the number 6, which swings back and forth, just like a regular pendulum.  The hours and minutes are displayed by the black, elaborate hands. The Seiko QXC238N variant has a very similar structure and a blue bunny with blue-green flower tendrils. Both variants are dainty, filigree and embellish as a living room as well as a kid’s wall clock.

Advantages of kid’s wall clocks

Kids room
Kids room

Buying a children’s wall clock for the nursery or their room is always a very good idea. Thus the new generation will be surely pleased about the fact that, finally, there is a suitable clock to decorate their room. In addition to that, such a clock is always a real eye-catcher, automatically catching all children’s eyes. The wall clock can of course also be used to teach the child how to read the time correctly.

If the child’s favorite motifs can be seen on the wall clock, learning how to read the time will certainly be much more enjoyable. As soon as the kids are a little bigger and can read the time without any problems, they will also be able to manage the time independently. Whether arriving on time for dinner, exercise or another appointment: nothing represents independence as good as a wall clock in the children’s room.