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Pendulum Clocks - timepieces with style

Pendulum clocks are mechanical gear clocks whose speed is controlled by a pendulum. Already in 1583 Galileo discovered the pendulum law and the isochronism. In 1641, his son is said to have built a pendulum clock to Galileo's instructions. 15 years later, Christiaan Huygens also discovered independently from Galileo, the pendulum law. He built the prototype of the stationary clock with a pendulum as a time standard by the Dutch clockmaker Salomon Coster.

Today, there are Pendulum clocks in different variants. Whether wall clock, table clock, or grandfather clock, there is a pendulum clock for every taste. The spectrum ranges from classical to modern, and also different materials are used. Wood, glass, metal or even ceramics - all that and more is used in the development of Pendulum clocks. Also, the design leaves no desires to be unfulfilled. Thus, the possession of a pendulum clock is the expression of individuality and good taste. Besides the classical pendulum that probably every one of us knows, there are also so-called torsion pendulums, which oscillate in a rhythmic rotation back and forth (this is typically rotating around an axis), and so the mechanism is being held in motion.

Old Pendulum clocks exude style and elegance like no other timepiece. The grandfather clocks or wall clocks with pendulum recall the early days of the timepiece and look very classy as eye-catcher. But modern Cuckoo Pendulum Clocks or colorful table Pendulum clocks are very popular.