Our watch of the week is the Bulova 97B168 men’s watch. The name Marine Star depicts perfectly the watch as for its maritime flair as a sailing watch. Find out more about sailing watches and, of course, about our watch of the week in this post.

Maritime sailing watches

Sailing watches are not only a very good choice for highly ambitious sailors. These watches enjoy a huge popularity also among collectors.  After all, more and more luxury brands are including these watches in their catalogues, so that watches like these can convince many people of their value as an investment object. There are, for example, sailing watches with GPS or with a compass. For this reason alone, a sailing watch differs significantly from watches that are not specially made for sailors. Since you will carry your sailing watch primarily to sail, it is particularly important that this is as waterproof as possible. The best sailing watches can also impress with the following features:

  • visually appealing design
  • the dial can be easily read even in adverse weather conditions
  • Stopwatch function for regattas
  • Measuring function indicating the air pressure at the sea level
  • Temperature display
  • Tide display
  • Automatic calendar

There is simply not enough space in the cases of normal chronographs or other watches to accommodate the technology required for these functions. Most of these functions are not only urgently needed when sailing locally. Especially when sailing around the world, sailors are dependent on a sailing watch not only for its GPS, but an automatic calendar is also a must. For example, anyone who is traveling in the Arctic Circle, where the sun may not set at all, still would want to know the current day.

Our Bulova 97B168

However, our Bulova 97B168 is not a sailing watch, it just has the look of such a watch. Thanks to its dark blue strap with red stitches and the gold-colored details on the bezel and dial, the watch adapts perfectly to a maritime flair. The chronographs display the hour, minute, second and date and can also stop the time.