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Chronographs - Noble timepieces

The most prominent feature of a chronograph is the stop function, as well as associated external sign of recognition - the trigger to start and stop the timing, or the often additionally mounted subdials on the dial (small dials for example displaying the elapsed minutes and hours). The high-quality look of the watch is often emphasized by the use of fancy and decorative elements such as crystals or rhinestones.

Especially high numbers of chronographs can be found at the men's watches, probably because they were traditionally used by (mostly male) referees at sporting events, and today's ladies chronographs are slowly gaining importance. Due to the increasing demand, the well-known manufacturers such as Casio, Festina, Swatch, Zeppelin, Luminox, Timex and Pulsar also offered the inexpensive chronograph operated with quartz batteries appealling to a young audience as an addition to the very high-quality design and partly mechanical chronographs as high quality timepieces.

A currently very popular model is a brown chronograph chronometer by Boccia, the 3765-03. The high-quality ceramic case with a diameter of 40 mm is a very attractive design of timeless elegance. The shiny brown in contrast to the bronze-colored numerals looks classy and not too cluttered.

If you have any questions about the chronograph, for example about how to set your newly acquired chronograph, we are happy to help you.