Clocks do not only make indoors beautiful, but can also enrich outdoor spaces, like balconies, terraces or gardens. These are the so-called outdoor clocks, built purposely with characteristics that fit outdoor. And yet, what is essential for an outdoor clock to be a good one? Find it out with us…

Suggestions for the perfect outdoor clock

  1. The clock should be by all means weather-resistant, even better if waterproof. That way, the clock can endure any kind of climate without effecting its beauty. The case should be warmth and cold-resistant, let alone rain and snow-proof. Like most of the outdoor clocks, the case is made of sturdy plastic material.
  1. Some outdoor clocks show not only the right time, but also temperature and level of humidity, which can be particularly useful. In that case you can decide yourself if it is time to water the plants or not. AMS 9487 is one good example.
  1. The perfect decoration for the outdoors, namely a garden clock, usually presents a natural style. In fact, its case and/or dial may look like actual stone. In our Atlanta clock it is possible to trace that kind of aesthetic. Other clocks can be more vintage, with their retro clock style.

Sundials and train station clocks

There are also peculiar outdoor clocks, like for example sundials or train station clocks, in which case it is their look to catch one’s eye. Train station clocks are aesthetically simple and sober, thanks to their clear lines and to their size, they are also quite simple to read, being perfect not only for train stations, but also for your home. Sundials are astronomical devices, which make use of the light and the position of the sun to show the correct time.